Master Key Experience; Week 10

Well, I’m certainly not bored! I signed up for this intensive 6 month course – amazing in and of itself – but then they keep adding on more and more value… And time… And study… And exercises / assignments along the way! Now, don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining one bit!

This course has been well all worth every single second I’ve spent in webinars, zooms, study, reading, masterminding, and every other aspect that goes along with it, but it is certainly a challenging undertaking. In addition to working through the Master Key Experience, I’ve taken on the Go90Grow challenge, I follow Digital Solutions training each week, and I am two-thirds the way through “Finding Your Authentic Purpose,” a three day training on… Wait for it… Finding my authentic purpose! It is amazing enlightening how this simple, straight forward class has opened my eyes to what should seemingly be obvious, but had become buried beneath the rubble of every day living.

There are even more trainings available that I’m not taking now, and plan to review in the new year, but if you ever have the opportunity and tenaciousness to take this course and see it through, I highly recommend you do so.


Published by RonASherwood

I have never doubted the existence of the spiritual realm or its connection to our human existence... For as long as I can remember, it has been as self-evident to me as the physical world that surrounds us. It's certainly been difficult for me to wrap my mind around its implications in life, both for myself as an individual and in the scheme of the world at large, which is why I have spent the greater portion of my life studying and exploring this rarely seen beautiful part of our existence. This blog provides a small glimpse into my journey to gain a better understanding of 'the great unknown," in hopes it might be an inspiration for others to start, renew, or continue their own journey of discovery. Welcome...

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