Master Key Experience; Week 20

Many of my blogs seem rather generic and lackluster to me, but that is certainly not because the information I’ve been learning is generic and lackluster… On the contrary, I often feel there is SO MUCH amazing information coming at me (it’s been compared with trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose!) that I simply don’t know where to start and where to end. Plus, I’m still new enough to this whole blogging phenomenon that it takes me 10 times as long to write what I’m feeling than it would to say it. (You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m underplaying it if anything at all.)

But, you know what? I’m still here, I’m still keeping up (even though it’s Saturday, and I like to get my blogs done by Friday), and I’m still excited about how this course is affecting me today, and how I believe it will continue to affect every day of my future. One thing I’ve regularly experienced throughout this course, is how what is being studied in the MKE is usually experienced and confirmed from other ‘unrelated’ sources I encounter along the way.

I wanted to post the following earlier, but it took me a bit to get written permission from the publisher… This is not from the MKE, but dovetails nicely with it and resonates with what I needed to hear. I paraphrased and personalized it a bit (“your life” became “my life,” etc.), but this is Page 104 of “The Four Agreements; Companion Book” by don Miguel Ruiz.


Spend the next twenty minutes using your imagination to dream a new dream…

Imagine how my life would be if today was the day of my last judgment; if after today, I no longer judged myself, and I no longer judged other people.

Imagine if the voice of knowledge in my head no longer judged me… If that voice in my head left me alone, and I only followed my heart.

Imagine if the voice of knowledge was silent, because I don’t need to think about what I already know; I don’t need to learn to be what I am.

Imagine if I could express what I am with joy instead of judgement.

Imagine what it feels like. Capture the feeling and remember it, for this is the beginning of a new dream!

This is part of the freedom I have learned through the Master Key Experience, and – if you feel you could benefit from this type of freedom in your own life – stay tuned for more from me, and consider taking the next MKE for yourself.


Published by RonASherwood

I have never doubted the existence of the spiritual realm or its connection to our human existence... For as long as I can remember, it has been as self-evident to me as the physical world that surrounds us. It's certainly been difficult for me to wrap my mind around its implications in life, both for myself as an individual and in the scheme of the world at large, which is why I have spent the greater portion of my life studying and exploring this rarely seen beautiful part of our existence. This blog provides a small glimpse into my journey to gain a better understanding of 'the great unknown," in hopes it might be an inspiration for others to start, renew, or continue their own journey of discovery. Welcome...

9 thoughts on “Master Key Experience; Week 20

    1. Thanks! Seems pretty silly for a 62 (63 tomorrow) year old to say, but I felt “all grown up” asking the publisher for written permission to share part of the book. And I received the response in lees than a week!


  1. I love how the statement, “what is being studied in the MKE is usually experienced and confirmed from other ‘unrelated’ sources I encounter along the way.” That is so true for me also. It is my Higher Power letting me know I am on the right path. So glad we are walking this path together. Your friend, Linda

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  2. Thank you Linda! I have so much to say on this subject, I’m actually writing a book on my experiences in “knowing I’m on the right path.” I obviously can not summarize it into just a sentence or two, but life is certainly an exciting journey in learning isn’t it? 🤓


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